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Angelsketch by InkedSilver Angelsketch by InkedSilver
Just a few angel people I drew during finals week. It's been so long since I use colored pencils :) And as you can tell I was too lazy to draw faces for most of them. yea... it was fun drawing wings. XD

As always, comments and critiques are much appreciated! :squee:
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InkedSilver Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh you're right I did miss a part in coloring the blue one... oh well XD
Thanks for your tips on practicing!
And sorry for the uber-late reply! Get more sleep! hahaha
Forte-Rock Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
Hi InkedSilver!

I like the vibrant color selection you used here! :) I'm just wondering~ Is that an angel doll right next to flying angel (the top red, purple combo)? I'm not sure why my eye likes the style so much.

Some places that seem a bit off are the hands (the angel holding the fans) and the sandals of the purple, blue angel. For the angel holding the fans, maybe have a person hold a fan or something of similar nature to help create a natural position for the hands. For the purple, blue angel, she looks fine; just watch out for the misaligned eyes. Moving her left eye a bit higher could fix the unevenness. If you add a bit of the backing for the sandal on the left foot, you could make her look like she's standing on the tip of her sandal.

Great job with the shading of your set of angels! The designs look pretty nice as well.
Whee~ Hope to see more from you soon!
InkedSilver Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Forte-Rock!

Thanks for the detailed comment! I'm glad you like them!

Red/Orange: To be honest for the top two I was just kind of doodling and I drew the one with the outstretched wings too close to the smaller one. My idea of it though (and why I colored them with relatively similar color schemes) was that the smaller one was like a younger sister/ relative of the flying angel. But they're all just random doodles, so a doll works just as well :)

Green: Great idea getting a model, and totally my fault for not. I didn't have a fan at the time so I was going off memory XD. But definitely, the fingers look a little awkward on that. Actually, I'm surprised you noticed the green one and not the completely butchered hands on the blue angel. I really need to learn to draw from models haha :iconsweatdropplz:

Purple: Oh, I see what you mean by misaligned! Ah, ok. I was actually trying to draw with her head turned up a little, but I completely see now that it just looks like her eyes are skewed. Thanks for pointing that out; I'll watch out for that next time.

Thanks for your detailed comment! I'm glad you like the colors and designs. And please do expect more soon. I'm planning on uploading a bunch of old sketches just for the fun of it soon, as well as our collab! Thanks again! :hug:
Forte-Rock Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Hi! You're welcome~ :)
Red/Orange: Oooh, sisters? I like that idea more! :)
Green: It's okay. You work with what you have available. It's just another opportunity to sketch ideas on paper, right? Ideally if you had references, it would provide extra support, but it's not always necessary for a practice sketch, I guess. As a random exercise, you could practice drawing shapes of hands?
Blue: I'm not sure why I accidently mistaken the wings for super long hair like Hatsune Miku. I think you missed a small part of purple in her left side of the hair after examining the full picture, or maybe I'm just imagining things. Her hands are okay. Maybe if you used another extra color for the skin, a darker shade of pink or light brown could help with the definition of the hands, if you don't want to use pen to outline the folds of the hands specifically.
Purple: Ah,I didn't know she was looking slightly up. Still, I like her smile.

Oooh, upload more when you have the chance~ :)Best of luck with your other works too! :hug:

(Sorry if I sound a bit jumbled up. Oh, look at the time, it's super late!)
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