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Creativity Key by InkedSilver Creativity Key by InkedSilver
omigosh this is so late, but it's the original idea I had for the group avatar contest for :iconcreativityisourkey: ^_^

Because of the group emphasis on stages of the artistic process the idea was just a key in different stages of completion. So from the bottom up: Sketch version, monotone/ lighting, flat color, fully colored and shaded.

Um...yea! Hope you like it! Comments, critiques, welcome! :) Thanks for viewing!
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Forte-Rock Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Ooh, I had no idea you were working on a key to creativity~ The concept linked to the key is very intriguing. I like the progression for the four stages. Haha, though, it'd be really cool to see a GIF animation transitioning through each stage.

Does the key contain blue ribbons (or scarves) on the side? Or is it representing flow?

The hands seem a bit rough, but I'm guessing based on your notes, that this sketch was from a while back. Her left hand seems a bit squished in contrast to the somewhat relaxed, right hand. Maybe, you could adjust the black lines defining the left hand a bit or develop where the hand ends and where the wrist begins.

Where is the main light source? I noticed that the light hitting the wings is a different direction (looks like the light source is from the bottom(left and right edges) of the wings) from the light hitting from the bangs and monotone part of the key (which looks like the light is from the top right corner?). I really like how the wings stand out by your shading style~ Hmm, then again, the conceptual idea was to illustrate a WIP design and the contrasting light sources in each stage give off the feel of progressive development.

I wonder which door will unlock with this key? The idea behind this piece is pretty neat~ Anyhow, thanks for sharing! :)
InkedSilver Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your comment!

This was actually for a long long time ago for the avatar of the :iconcreativityisourkey: group. The prompt was a key that somehow reflected creativity.
I have no idea how to GIF, but if you want to teach me (and if I get time to fix this) I'll all for it haha!

Oh! The ribbons were supposed to be like a flow-y bit of ribbon attached the the key just for fun. The first version had the entire body and dress and a ribbon in the back. When I redrew it on paper I just ended up leaving the ribbon there for reasons I don't recall XD. It can represent flow, sure! XD

Yea, the sketch is about a year old and when still didn't know how to use the tablet XD (Computer cameras don't make good scanners, to my disappointment haha). If I ever redraw this, I'll definitely fix the hand like you said. It definitely could use a lot more definition and revision.

Omg light source. The source of my never-ending art woes TxT. The shading really is all over the place. I did this over a long period of time, making just a little bit of progress every time I got to it, but that really is no excuse. I believe that the original idea was that the main light source would be from the shaft of the key itself.
The black section I think was supposed to be from the top left corner. The dark gray section I had colored pink and purple feather colors, which totally messed with the lighting and shading. And...I have no idea where the lighting is in the light gray section o_O >.<"

Thanks for your comment! If I ever actually get to redrawing or editing this I'll definitely get to what you've mentioned!

sorry for spam XD
Forte-Rock Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
You're welcome~

I could try to teach you how to GIF one day. I think we would need to work from something a bit smaller to test out the frames.

I have no idea why I put scarves in parenthesis. I guess, I had trouble imagining the ribbon part as more of a fabric-like material attached to the hilt of the key.

Woah, the sketch is now a year old? I'm sure that you've improved over that time frame!

Hmm, if the light source came from the shaft of the key, that'd make shading a bit trickier to manage. It's not exactly light pouring from the backside from the key, but the light is emitting from that center point. At first, I was going to suggest looking at a key or a source picture to help guide where you want the lighting to go.

Sorry for what spam? Spam musubi?

Anyhow,good luck with your other projects~
InkedSilver Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D Yes, teach me to gif!

Hopefully I have improved haha.

I think that was the original idea, but it's evidently not drawn that way, haha. I really do need to consult references more >_<"

Thanks! Good luck to you as well!

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December 29, 2012
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