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Faescribble by InkedSilver Faescribble by InkedSilver
Hiiiii! :D This is an iscribble [link] collaboration with :iconforte-rock: from about a week ago.


Terrin had heard of fae who'd journeyed into these mountains never to be seen again, devoured by the twisted "vampiric fairies" that haunted the cliffs for blood. He'd never seen her kind of wings before, so he didn't know what kind of fae she was. Creaselea didn't seems like an evil vampire fairy though.

"Come on," Creaselea said, extending her hand to him. "I'll show you."

Terrin followed uncertainly, still thinking about the vampire fae rumors. Peering into the darkness of the cave, he didn't notice a hooked wing sneak quietly behind his neck, putting him a flutter from death.

yay! Um other comments....
:bulletgreen: She drew the boy and the face and hair for both and I drew the girl and the wings for both. And I wrote the 100 word story scene for them! XD

:bulletblue: This was my first time working with only three layers and no opacity-changing option! Very interesting experience, and a lot of accidental just-erased/drew-a line-across-half-of-her-dress-gawsh-now-i-have-to-patch-it-up incidents. XD

:bulletpurple: The rips in Creaselea's wings were honestly accidental at first, and I got too lazy to patch them after flattening the image and just added little holes and gaps as details. Which...probably took more work than filling it in would have been >.<" I really like them like this though!

:bulletpink: I shamelessly used the names that popped into my head as I was hurriedly jotting down this scene. This is the first time I used the word "fae" in my writing.

:bulletred: Terrin's shading and outlining look leik 10X better than Creaselea's. Because :iconforte-rock: did them.

:bulletorange: This took about 5 hours spread over about 3 days....maybe? The first hour we were just doodling random faces and Persona 4 chibis.

:bulletyellow: Mrm yea I'm just trying to make a bullet for ever emoti-wave color there was, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything. XD

Comments and Favorites are loved! :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz:
Forte-Rock Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Oh hey, you posted this iScribble session! :)

My comments on the iScribble:
LOL, I actually was thinking about drawing Ethan at first, but then I thought never mind. I have no idea who's face I was drawing. Typically if I color with the tablet, I usually would like to use at least 3 shades of each color to shade and give contrast. But I'm not so sure how to get the light source in properly this time. Sorry!
Accidental erase marks happen. I get super tense sometimes because I don't want to make stray marks or cause super random erase marks. Then my hand tells me that I'm stressing out too much. Just kiddin'
I really like the ripped wing effect for Creaselea. It was a brilliant detail~ Thanks. Though, I think you did an awesome job on the wings~ :) haha, I really like those rainbow bullet points. :)

Let's iScribble again sometime soon!
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