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Reminiscence by InkedSilver Reminiscence by InkedSilver
Yay another ancient piece! :) I drew this sometime four years ago, probably in spanish again :P The scan turned out to be impossible to work with so I actually re-drew the entire thing on the computer. Good practice with the tablet, haha XD

I somewhat followed :iconkelly1412:'s coloring tutorial ( [link] ) when I colored it and really liked how the skin shadows and hair highlights turned out. I think I went a little overboard with the last step and adding the light in the corner though. I was kind of going for a misty feel with that.

I couldn't decide whether to add something in her hand or not. There was nothing in her hand in the original picture so I finally decided against adding a note or flower or what not. (This was drawn and finished a while I've gotten better at drawing hands since then hehehe XD)

I think of Delightful ( [link] ) as the "sister chromatid picture" to this one for some reason, because they were drawn at about the same time and are both reflecting on a some kind of emotion that isn't really clear. I like that the delighted girl is looking right (like at the next page/ future) and this reminiscing girl is looking left (like at the past XD). One's smiling and the other's has a bit of a frown (it's not supposed to be miserable...just...bittersweet, I suppose?).

yea...I try to add symbolism/ meaning to my drawings to make up for the utter lack of execution skill. :X

Anyways, I really liked the hair :P Yay ancient art. Ok, time to move on. :) Maybe some day I'll redraw this for the draw-this-again meme. Some day, when I know there'll be some significant improvement.
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Forte-Rock Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
Hmm, an amusing choice to slip in a bio reference here - "sister chromatid picture." :) After your suggestion to juxtapose the two images, I do see how each image complements each other by the differing emotions. The female here looks slightly sad about something or she's making a serious resolve or decision. While in Delightful, the other female illustrates joy for something that is to come (her hands and expression surely validate the claim, I suppose). It's intriguing how you chose "left" to represent the past (like something to leave behind and move on from) and "right" to represent the current moment (maybe the implication of optimistic thinking will brighten up the future or there's always something to look forward to if you look and search in the right direction?). I like your thought process for the symbolism for the two pieces! :)

I find the teal background a nice touch to convey the slight sadness reflected within her heart or soul. The colored background definitely gives contrast to her in comparison to Delightful's plain, snowy white backing. Hmm, the light mist effect, for some reason, makes me think there's some spirit or soul behind her. Though, I like the direction and sense of motion you placed with the hair! Is there a light gust coming from the right side?

Overall, wonderful job for posting your past pieces~ I guess now you'll have the opportunity to pursue new drawing ideas soon?
InkedSilver Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for your feedback and comments! :)

Bio references are my only version of humor XD

I don't remember where I initially got the idea of right=future and left=past, but I always thought of it as the way english is read. left= first=past and right=next page= future. I like the optimistic reading you brought into it.

Yea, I noticed I didn't color the background for the Delightful girl. :iconsweatdropplz: I was going to add some kind of color but eventually decided a bright white looked nicest. I like the reading you gave of it though, with teal representing sadness and gravity. A spirit or soul? Hm, that works. Like a version of the past (I'm getting some serious 6 of cups vibes right now).

The motion of the hair definitely is supposed to come from some light gust of wind, though I'm not sure it's very well extended to her clothes. I think I kinda just wanted to draw flowy hair :P

Ahaha Hopefully! I had a few unsketched ideas brewing in my mind over the summer, but now I'm trying to focus on NaNoWriMo (which begins in three days omigodzzz :iconepiclaplz: )
Forte-Rock Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
You're very welcome! I'm glad to be of assistance. :D If I'm a bit scattered while commenting, I apologize in advance though. >_<'

Bio isn't your only version of humor. Something tells me you have other jokes in store for later. XD (like those random :P faces - I'm kidding I know you were trying to write = past =)

You could always practice watching how the flow of fabric goes by watching how the wind blows? (I don't know why I wanted to try making a rhyme.) Heh, flowy hair always great practice for movement too~ The color choice was pretty good too. I really like this piece and the idea behind it~

OH,the way that English is read? That is an interesting association. It's like reading a meaningful book. Or maybe, it's like writing and opening a new page in a journal. (Choosing the right words to spark and create your mark?) I mentioned a positive association for the future since you called the piece delightful and you did create the symbolism in your comments. Optimism is always welcomed, right?

Remind me, what symbolism was attached to the 6 of Cups? From the context here, the 6 of Cups card represents a positive reflection or memory of some sort?

Haha, I really wanna see more artwork from you~ But, I understand. NaNoWriMo is your first creative priority now~ Good luck!
InkedSilver Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's perfectly fine! I'm very scatterbrained in general haha :)

Oh goodness I thought I fixed all those XD.

hahah Rhyming is a fun thing, isn't it? haha I really do need to watch how the wind affects fabric. Another thing to add to our drawing-sessions >.<

Yep! (omigosh the rhymes haha). And optimism is definitely welcomed! :)

As far as I know, positive reflection and memory describes it perfectly. Coupled with a court card it can represent a figure from the past that has returned (mentally or physically).

NaNo Ahhhh :iconepiclaplz: Thank you! I'll need it! And I should still have time to draw and ink a bit even with NaNo. It might not be colored or pretty or anything, but I'm sure I can post something every so often. XD

Thanks for the support!
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