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So the lovely :iconmirakial: tagged me and I finally got around to filling this out! XD Took a lot less time than I thought it'd be haha. These things are so fun XD


1. Answer each question as completely and profoundly truthfully as possible
2. Tag as many people as you want, or zero people, or even tag yourself again if you're really bored
3. Move on with your life 


1. Favorite dinosaur!
Triceratops? I think

2. Favorite Pokemon!

3. Coke or Pepsi?

4. What's the difference between a duck?
And a what.

5. What ridiculously useless superpower would you want?
You mean some small ability, right? :D I highly doubt any of these would really be useless…
The ability to to actual do what I plan!
Ability to eat without getting fat D;
Ability to write/draw/sing/do what's actually in my head.
Ability to wake up in the morning…and go to sleep at night….
I can't think of useless abilities >.<"

6. What's at the end of a rainbow?
A small colorful island with cute little fluff-balls and piles of happiness.

7. Wierdest dream you've ever had?
I was sleeping in a college ochem class and I had a dream that I ran to the pool next to my high school (about 15 minutes by car) during the nonexistent 10 minute break we had. One of the swim coaches was lecturing on the chemistry of water polo or something like that on a giant projector screen that had appeared where the diving boards usually were.
I was just sitting there with my feet in the water flipping through new "apps" on my watch: like one that tracked farts, another that showed the distribution of what I was actually doing over the day.
When I woke up it turns out I had actually heard some of the lecture in my dream and knew that part a little better than the stuff I'd listened to when I'd been awake. XD

8. Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Potter.

9. If you were forced by munchkins to dye your hair some random fluorescent color, what would it be?
Dark purple! Like, it can be bright, but it'd be dark! And it'd have pink/red/blue/black/brown/some color that I haven't decided yet streaks in it!  

10. Final question! If you were an alien from some planet obsessed with fine cuisine, and you were assigned to explore Earth and gather evidence of why hamburgers are so delicious to humans, but fell in love with some funny, sweet, good-looking chef while you were on Earth and discovered that you didn't care much for burgers but you were intolerant to every other type of food in existence, would you stay on Earth for eternal true love or would you leave in order to give your taste buds some sanity? CHOOSE CAREFULLY.

That depends very much on whether said "true love" loved me as well! And whether I had anyone back on my own planet. If they did and I didn't….maybe I'd stay…I'd just get used to burgers or somehow make them tolerable……….maybe…… I want good food.

:iconforte-rock: :iconfionahsieh::iconspiderliing666: Y'all are tagged, (if you want to do it). May the force be with you.
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So :icontajii-chan: is hosting a Secret Santa event and even though I'm not very good, I want in!  So...

I want my gift to be... Anything portraying my characters. Writing or artwork would be amazing. I especially love dynamic poses (because I can't draw them) but I'm fine with anything!

In my gift I'd like to see... I don't really have a lot of characters with references, but please take your pick from the ones I do?

Alina Zephyr: Soldier, dollmaker. Light blonde, blue eyes, with a moving storm-themed tattoo over the left side of her face. She speaks without contractions. Her age could be anywhere between 14-21. At all ages, she has a slightly childish habit of playing with rabbit-dolls and making stories of them. (Think rabbit-shapped voodoo dolls of people! :evilface:)… (in monotone)… (in chibi)… (roleplay profile)… (clippet of story)… (a her future)

Fiana Lunaltusiem: Student, acupuncturist, tea-maker, reader. White hair with purple eyes and pointy ears. She has small, retractable wings on her back as well. I would say she wears mostly dresses.
She's a timid person, a healer more than a fighter, but that doesn't stop her from learning how to fight with a fan and later, a bow. (roleplay application)
There's some extra, mostly trivia on her here:…

I will be willing to give: I could write or draw. I usually draw and ink by hand and color digitally, though I could try coloring traditionally as well. I can't do photography :(
I'm willing to try anything, but I'm not very good at drawing so I don't know how well that will turn out >.<
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I got this idea from :iconberende: and thought it was a lovely idea to try out :)

1. For each of the 10 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the me on the first place (you don't have to if you don't want to). The idea of this is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone!

I. :iconberende:
--Demon: Page 99 of her comic "Bodyguard". My favorite page from the comic, and one that I go back to just for laughs occasionally. I suggest starting at the beginning though: Bodyguard 1: A lady in trouble by Berende ^_^
From Blood, For Blood by Berende --From Blood, For Blood: Again related to Bodyguard, Graal, bloodsword form or no, always sparked my interest. :D
How to be a Villain by Berende --How to be a Villain. I've always wondered villains always made long speeches before dragging out the hero-execution. I mean, sure it's dramatic and satisfying, but in terms of the livelihood of their villainous career....not so smart.
Really though, just check out her gallery. So much awesomeness.

II. :iconriseofdarkfire:
ST Uniform Concepts by RiseofDarkFire --ST Uniform Concepts: This is totally me, but I like the nuances and analysis on   each uniform, even if I'm not a Star Trek fan.
USS Legacy Render by RiseofDarkFire --USS Legacy Render: omigoshomigoshawesome3D art. The ship is a real beauty :) Instant :+fav:
Against the Tide by RiseofDarkFire --Against the Tide: >.< I know the artist calls this nothing but a "crappy experiment" but I really love the pose and dynamic action.
There's more cool concepts in the gallery itself; check it out!

III. <Awaiting comment> :)

IV. <Awaiting comment> ^_-

V.  <Awaiting comment> =D

VI. Awaiting comment> ^.^
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Hi :)

It's up here for a good reason.
Anyways, I can't figure out, after a few years of using dA, how to post writing here. Any help?
Also, if someone knows how to add those pretty little sidebar designs to the writing posts...I'd love to be able to do that too! :heart: Thanks in advance!

Ok, now that I've covered that....onto the fluff!

I haven't written anything on dA journal for a long time....well...what do I say...I'm heading off to college in a few days (summer school for month and then the actual semester.) I just got back from vacation...haven't written anything really for about a month :(

I'm still on GaiaOnline, username "The Lady Archangel" though I might change it...sometime.
I got a two seconds ago! It's under a new alias (I tire of aliases very quickly -.-): see here:

ARTSUFF (that includes writing):
So as I said, I've not written much for an ungood month or so. I stopped posting on Drawn in Words ( since the beginning of May. :( And I've not done anything to do with art for a long time. I'm torrenting Photoshop as I type, but it's been taking an awfully long time :(

I think that's all...:D
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So the school year is winding down a bit and since I haven't posted anything since February, I just thought to do so :p

I have been posting though, on Drawn in Words (DiW),, a writing blog where my friend alias Lewis and I post random writing stuffs. More detail on the site. But I have been faithfully posting there.

Another place I faithfully post is Gaia, for the roleplays. My account is Silver of Ink, if anyone's interested in stalking me. O.O

Unfortunately, I haven't updated stories much though, in the last few months, so nothing to report there. If it weren't for a few plot holes I have to fill for White Scarlet, I'd be done with that. My main writing focus now revolves around DiW and planning for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year. I have a definite concept, but I'm still wavering between a few possible paths.

Other than that, I have CST (math= ew=loathe), SAT II, SAT I and other tests/essays in the future to look forward too. I hope to acquire Maya 2008 for sometime soon, but that may just be hopeful wishing.

Anyways, Hi!
~Silver Ink
  • Listening to: One of my favorite YouTube videos was deleted...
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  • Watching: (trying to figure out how) Race to Witch Mountain
  • Playing: HKO, if I could
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Hello deviantART peoples!

Well, I just got back from a sleep+eat+sleepsomemore vacation in Vegas (I'm too young to gamble and casinos reek of cigarette smoke anyways). In case anyone is interested, I stayed at the Bellagio but did not have a view of the fountain :(
Um... the first night my family walked from the Bellagio to eat at The Steakhouse (Circus Circus) then to watch the Phantom of the Opera (Venetian) and back to the Bellagio....that's the only noteworthy thing, I think....

And as noted above, I saw Phantom of the Opera for the first time. :) :)

I will be uploading an extra-big update on my work this holiday break and including links to all those updates here when I get to it.

Links will also be posted from my blog (…)
and Twitter (, again, when I get to actually posting.

White.Scarlet: Edits on past chapters and new chapter posted on WeBook:…

Shadow Within : A new story! :) Chapter 1 posted on WeBook at:…
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oh yea. lol. started. That's really all I want to say >.<

Just in case anyone would like to play a "acecho" (Stalker), below are the classes I'm taking this beautiful 2009-2010 school year:
Advanced Journalism
AP Biology
AP Spanish
AP Chemistry
AP English Language
AP U.S. History
Honors Pre-Calculus

*****AP stands for "Advanced Placement"
****All all weighted classes, except for the first. o.0

Hence the reason I termed Junior year "Suicide Year". But don't worry. I'll survive, with A's in all classes and Pentafives.

HOWEVER! Despite with this awesome load, I am still going to find or make time to play HKO. And I will be continuing to write and draw during any break I get (oly. SAT classes have rubbed off on me. I was going to say "reprieve I obtain").

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Summer has begun! And although my schedule isn't as hectic as those of my friends, I am still pretty poofed.

So... my lucky schedule=
SAT= 13-15 every weekday except Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday there's no SAT and Friday it runs from 13:30 to ~18:30.
Kung Fu= 18-19 weekdays except for Friday
Art= 12:30- 19 on Saturday :)

:) I shouldn't complain.... but I am!

Either way, the best of luck to all my hardworking friends!!
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  • Drinking: -nothing-

Yea! The two best webcomics ever @:
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  • Playing: with Word
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Hello :)

I'm still figuring out how to post stories on DA, so any advice would be appreciated :D
So yea :)

CAHSEE testing this week! Language Arts was today, Math is tomorrow. Joy. It's actually really easy, but I shan't mention how much because I suppose my dear freshmen friends would like it better if the CAHSEE stayed that way. >,<
Anyways, that's all for this present moment :)
Must go study! :P

Note: CAHSEE= California High School Exit Exam. My apologies >,<"
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Well, I was being weird and decided that since my cousin uses my other account (athwartblack) that I'd just give her my old one and start this one.... It's under her name too. So I'll be finding some of my  favorites again and re- :+fav:/ watch them. If I don't find one, then I'm really really sorry!
And also... I think I'm just watch people instead of  :+fav:- ing every one of their pieces.... haha... and just favorite my absolute favorite.